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About the relay

Friends! Being in self-isolation, we become less mobile, our body weakens, as does our immunity. This may contribute to the re-outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic after quarantine is over, when we all take to the streets together.

Let's not let this nightmare happen again. We will increase our immunity. We will make our physical activity more productive.

Join the world's first open online relay race in conditions of self-isolation through Facebook and Instagram. Complete sports tasks of real world champions, lay out posts recording your physical exercises, and like each other. Finally, go to the world relay final and become champions yourself!

Get up with us on a wave of health and positive.

Join the On a wave Stay live Open Relay with thousands of other caring people around the world. Let's stop coronavirus together with our common antivirus of friendship, mutual assistance and self-healing.

If you are not indifferent to what is happening around you, place this text in its entirety (along with these very words) in your account with the hashtag #onawavestaylive, forward it to your friends. We all need your personal support.