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Relay Rules

Relay Rules

Dear friends, the rules of the relay are quite simple and each of you can fulfill them. Anyone over the age of 5 can participate in the relay.
Starting from April 14, for three weeks every three days you will receive one new video task from our champions - your curators.

In the video task, your curator will demonstrate a set of several exercises. After training, you will need to perform each of these exercises, as well as come up with some kind of your own chip - sports or creative (maybe even sing a song or come up with a good joke, show focus, etc.). Record this in the format of a video report, pending 1 minute on each exercise and an arbitrary amount of time per chip (at your discretion). Share the video on your Facebook and Instagram page so that it collects likes for you.
If you do not have your own account (you are more than 5, but less than 10 years old, or less than 100, but more than 80), use the accounts of your parents or grandchildren. Well, or even friends. As a last resort, send your video to your curator, whom you previously selected from the list. He will post it on his page.

The list of curators is available via THIS link!

The video report will be evaluated: by the number of likes - your friends will be your judges, or by the technique of execution times the number of exercises per minute (the more the better) - this will be judged by a professional jury. The best video reports will be published on the portals izsambo.ru, rossport.info, sambo.sport.
Participants whose video reports will score more likes or score more points from the professional jury will go to the world final, which will take place in a month after the start of the relay.
In addition to prizes and commemorative certificates, the winners of the finals will also receive the status of the On a wave Stay live relay, which will give them a certain international fame, popularity on social media, as well as entrust them with a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and the values of our humanitarian action in their countries.

  During the relay you will also expect various pleasant surprises, additional online events will be held, participation in which will also help you to reach the finals (learn about them in additional announcements on the websites izsambo.ru, rossport.info, sambo.sport and the pages of our curators )
Our relay race is open in every sense - therefore, each new participant can join it within 21 days from the moment of its beginning. The only indispensable condition for those who joined some time after the start is to progressively fulfill all the video tasks of the curators, shoot a video report on each of them and post them sequentially online.
When joining the On a Wave Stay Live Relay, it is important to remember that in addition to sports and gaming components, we all have a main task - to stop the spread of coronavirus and similar epidemics together. Starting with ourselves. Improving your stamina and immune system. Therefore, we urge each of you to invite all your friends and acquaintances, both from real life and online, to participate in our universal campaign.


Technical conditions for participants

In order to avoid possible technical problems due to which your video reports may not be counted, each relay participant must fulfill the following technical requirements:
1) Under each video report you write: your name and surname, age, city and country, if you are engaged in some kind of sports club, then the name of the section and club.
2) On each video report you must overlay the logo of the action using the MOVAVI application or the like.
3) The video should be square format. It is desirable that the resolution is 1080 × 1080 pixels. For videos longer than 1 minute, use the IGTV function (you can download the IGTV application in the Play market or App store). Otherwise, when posting on Instagram with a long time, the video will be automatically trimmed by the application.
4) Be sure to note the publication by the Hashtags for the first job - # step1_staylive, #onawavestaylive
         Hashtags for the second job - # step2_staylive, #onawavestaylive
         Hashtags for the third quest - # step3_staylive, #onawavestaylive
         Hashtags for the fourth quest - # step4_staylive, #onawavestaylive
         Hashtags for the fifth quest - # step5_staylive, #onawavestaylive
         Hashtags for the sixth quest - # step6_staylive, #onawavestaylive
         Hashtags for the seventh quest - # step7_staylive, #onawavestaylive

5) The hashtags written above are MANDATORY and are placed stepwise under the video, in accordance with each new video report completed. Optionally, they can be supplemented with other tags at the discretion, for example: #health #welness, etc. This will allow the video to automatically get into the feeds of users interested in a healthy lifestyle and vote for your video reports.
6) In each post in the video or comments, other organizers are noted - @izsambo_official, @ sambo.combat.gryphon, @sambo_fias and @ rossport.info